Routine Home Maintenance

Routine home maintenance gives you peace of mind and it starts with a:

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Then you decide the areas in your home that needs quarterly maintenance. Home appliances need regular servicing to maintain energy efficiency and prolong appliance lifespan. Save thousands a year by regular home maintenance!

Complete Home Care on a Dependable schedule

Choose from over 25 maintenance services for your home, for example:


  • Degrease & Clean vent hood

  • Clean & sharpen garbage disposal

  • Vacuum / Clean refrigerator coils and compressor

Utility Room:

  • Drain water heater sediment

  • Supply/fill water softener salt

  • Change furnace filter


  • Clean exterior dryer vent

  • Clean interior of dryer

  • Clean interior of washer

  • Front loader, clean out the “catch all” drain

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