Is it worth cleaning the air duct?

Pros of cleaning air duct every 3-5yrs

6/30/20241 min read

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Have you wondered is it worth cleaning the air duct in your home?

Air Duct Cleaning may sound expensive, but the benefits of cleaning the interior of your home have numerous health benefits, especially if living in Tn has suddenly caused sinus/allergy attacks.

The overall cost of air duct cleaning does have a range from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars, all depending on different factors. Luckily, on the scale of home improvements and repairs, the cost of air duct cleaning is relatively low.

After researching 100’s of companies in five different states, we have found that reputable companies that provide a thorough cleaning typically charge between $350 and $550 in the average size home.

Larger homes can be higher in cost and smaller townhomes, or apartments can be as low as $299, it all depends on the size of the home.

Especially be cautious with companies that offer $99 or $199 air duct cleaning

Low prices can catch your eye, but when it comes to air duct cleaning, this can be a red flag. These bait-and-switch tactics use low offers to entice customers to book services then upcharge once crew members are in the home. $99 Air Duct Cleaning and $199 Air Duct Cleaning is NOT the best option.

If you hire an air duct company for $99 to clean your air ducts, you are going to have one of two experiences.

  • The first will be where they come to your home, hook up a vacuum, and blow a little bit of air in each vent. The process will take about 25 to 35 minutes. You’ll think air duct cleaning is a joke after not feeling or seeing any benefit to the service.

  • The second outcome will be the low price in, high price out method where you’ll end up paying hundreds, if not thousands more than you wanted to just to get a thorough air duct cleaning. If you see someone advertising $99 air duct cleaning, expect to have a disappointing experience.